How to do your first Aerial with Wellington Magalhaes

Cutbacks, snaps and floaters are fun stuff, but as soon as you discover the feeling of landing an aerial, surfing will turn into real satisfaction. Have you actually ever tried an aerial? Well, it takes quite some courage and some technical knowledge if you don’t just want to throw your board away above the lip. That is why we asked Brazils Aerial Star Wellington Magalhaes to talk you through your first aerial.

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Fins, Friends, Fun

Surfing is great, but surfing with friends is even better.

The Portuguese west coast was overrun by a XXL swell of up to 10 meters, with a maximum period of 24 seconds. While big wave surfers in the North transformed Nazarés canyon to a thrilling stage at carnival Tuesday, Mica and friends discovered their own secrete paradise. Read More

Mica @ Red Bull Rivals

We are in the middle of an iconic battle between Super Bock drinking Portuguese and Tortilla eating Spanish surfers. Both teams are fighting for the title to be the incumbent surfing hegemon on the Iberian Peninsula. Red Bull Rivals surfing action takes place on the two most emblematic beaches: Ribeira de Ilhas in Ericeira and Mundaka in the Basque Country.

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