Ericeira Travel Guide

You finally planned your surf trip to Ericeira? Great!
We want to provide you with special information and a view tips to make your trip as diverse and exciting as possible.

When you visit Ericeira (and any other place) to surf make sure that you follow some rules: When you get into the line up make sure the people who arrived before you get the first waves of the set, your turn comes with the next set. Afterwards make sure that one goes after another. If you don´t drop in, the other surfers won´t drop into you either. Is it not the worst feeling to loose your wave because somebody is in your way? To avoid being in front of another person remember to paddle always in the channel. If everybody follows this rule no one will be in the way of anybody. Rocks surround all beaches in Ericeira, what makes it easy to get dragged into them. Don´t forget to check the wind and currents when you arrive at the beach. Wind and currents mostly work together.

Ericeira works best with glassy conditions (no wind) and/or offshore (east wind). To find out wind and weather conditions use Windguru Ericeira. Because the quality of the waves depends on the tides, it is always important to know them. Inform yourself on Magicseaweed. If you are a beginner
 we advice you to visit Ericeira between May and the end of August. Experienced surfers might enjoy most between September and December.

Ericeira has a lot of world-class waves for different levels of surfers. If you are experienced you can surf any kind of waves: reef, point and beach breaks. In case you are not that experienced avoid point and reef breaks. First you run danger to hurt yourself on the rocks and second a lot of good surfers will be in the line up, what makes your chance to catch waves smaller. We advice to choose rather beach breaks like Foz do Lizandro and São Julião. Even though try to find a not crowded corner on the beach: Less people around you, more waves you catch and faster you get better. We suggest booking a place in a surf camp or lessons in a surf school. Ericeira has a variety of schools and camps, but you have to make sure that they have a license to teach and that the teachers know how to surf! Don't forget to ask a receipt after you pay your surf lesson or surf camp. We suggest: Tiago Pires Surf School, Mellowmove Surfcamp, Na Onda.If you are experienced and want to rent a board you can visit us at The Surfboard Shop.

If you have any questions regarding the surfing rules, understanding of weather and water conditions, surf spots or surf schools don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to increase the quality, safety and fun of your holidays no matter if they are in Ericeira or somewhere else.



Where to eat:

If you want to surprise your dearest with a gourmet dinner during sunset, reserve a table at SUL.

Bifana or Prego is the Portuguese hamburger and essential for a hungry surfers stomach. You get them everywhere, but the best one you find in LEBRE. Don´t forget to upgrade your Bifana with cheese and onions!

The Portuguese coast is famous for it´s world-class seafood. If your pocket is stuffed have dinner at BRISA. These guys have the eye to select the best pieces for you.

If you want to eat seafood without spending much money have a plate of delicate Portuguese shrimps (the smallest ones) at MARISQUEIRA DE RIBAMAR in Ribamar on the way to the surf spot Coxos. There you can get delicious plates of mixed seafood as well, but make sure you bring your friends because they are huge!

What a beautiful sunset, perfect for a glass of wine and tapas with a view to the ocean. MAR DAS LATAS does not just offer local wine, homebrewed beer and fish tapas but also regional and national specialties. It is essential for our environment to support the closest around us: Have a try of the Santana wine produced in Mafra (next to Ericeira), a delicate Azorean tuna can with sweet potato (my favorite!) and beer produced in Ericeira.

Tapas are a very fun way to eat with your friends: order, talk, talk, order more, talk more.. That you can do perfectly in TIK TAPAS especially if your favorite soccer team is playing!

A perfect party night starts with some drinks at the Mexican bar and restaurant CALAVERA.

You can get the best croissants in the small and hidden bakery SALOIA. If you´d like it rather savory, try the best "marendainha" in Ericeira.

Have you ever been to a place where nothing else gets sold except three kinds of cookies kept in huge colored jars? Then go to the traditional CASA GAMA, the oldest business house in Ericeira.

NA ONDA served the best Sushi in town. Enjoy your delicious sunset dinner at the beach Foz do Lizandro. Dont forget to reserve during summer time.

Simply everybody likes Pizza! Every local will ensure you that PÃO D´ALHO serves the best Pizza in Ericeira. Healthy tip: Try the tomato soup!

Fresh baked and healthy bread for breakfast? PÃOZINHO DAS MARIAS bakes it with cereals, poppy seeds and integral flour.

LOJA DA AMELIA is one of the finest gourmet shops in Portugal. If you feel like cake and tea check out the little coffee hidden inside.

Enjoy Coffee as a speciality itself! At KFÉ you can try not only different kinds, but different preparations of coffee. Of course together with a delicious breakfast or brunch.

If you want to eat a good steak - man food they call it - have a delicious pepper steak at TIK TAK. They serve excellent wine as well!

Summer equal ice cream! You find home made one at BLUE ICE. Secret tip: Try the Kinder Bueno flavor.

A huge toast and a fresh smoothie makes your snack perfect at BAMBOO BAR.

You are in Portugal and finally want to see old fishing women screaming and bargaining for there fish? So go in the morning to the MERCADO were you can buy local fruits and veggies as well.

GAFANHOTO serves good and cheap traditional Portuguese food. My favorite: Rabbit or chicken stew.

Sunset, beach, beer, good vibes and great pizza combines PIZZA MOBILE with a view to São Lourenço beach.

MAR D´AREIA is the place to eat good and fresh grilled fish in the center of Ericeira.

Every Wednesday in the summer the bar TUBO collaborates with his neighbors to make a street party.

Ericeira´s most famous disco OURIÇO is considered to be the first one in entire Portugal.

Where to go:

The TIAGO PIRES SURF SCHOOL offers lessons and courses not just for beginners but also for experienced surfers who want to progress their skills.

Wanna learn everything about the World Surfing Reserve Ericeira? Check out the surfer museum at TURISM ERICEIRA.

Looking for surf lessons or rental equipment? You find everything at NA ONDA at Foz do Lizandro.

Change your surfboard to a skateboard and rock at the QUIKSILVER SKATEPARK. They rent all equipment you need.

Have a romantic walk on the HARBOR OF ERICEIRA till the jetty. It is not allowed to bring cars.

Meet us at THE SURFBOARD SHOP for coffee and chat  Here you can get your custom made Mica Surfboard, rental equipment, surfboard ding repair service, information and tips or simply a nice ride on the skate ramp.

Remember the old black and white movies where man sit in lines reading newspaper and wait for their turn to get shaved? Take a seat and wait for your turn at BABEIRO NETO.

BE YOU is a biological and organic supermarket. They serve healthy, local and conscious meals at lunch time. Don’t forget to bring your yoga mat for a Pilates lesson!

Looking for a nice present for your girlfriend? We have an idea: Offer her a spa experience at ESSENTIALS.

Where to stay:

MELLOWMOVE is a nice, familiar and chilled surf camp in the beautiful village of São Lourenço.

ERICEIRA VILLA is a beautiful urban quinta with a big garden, pool and tennis court offers realaxing stays in lightful private rooms or dorms.

Do you like it cozy and familiar? Stay with Lucy and her family at NALU SURFCAMP She is not just an amazing host, but chef as well. Your breakfast eggs come from her own chickens and vegetables for dinner from her garden.

With a beautiful sea view to the bay of São Lourenço the comfortable COXOS HOUSE offers enough space for the entire family. If you are coming alone or with a friend you can rent a single room too. Contact us for more details.

Stay in the modern and cozy SÃO LOURENÇO HOUSE. The house is just a walk away from the beach São Lourenço and if you stay at home instead you can watch the beautiful landscape through the big windows. Contact us for more details.

You can get fun, party and surfing all-inclusive at LAPOINT SURFCAMP. Contact us for more details.



By the way, always good to know :)

Police: 112 or 00351 261 866 700
Firefighters: 00351 261 863 334
Tourism Information: 00351 261 863 122
Health Center "Centro de Saúde": 00351 261 860 650
Health Clinic Atlântida (private): 00351 261 863 634
Water Patrol: 00351 261 866 070