The Surfboard Shop

With a surfboard shop and a showroom, The Surfboard Shop is a place fully dedicated to the creation of amazing surfboards. Here one can order surfboards, manufacture surfboards, try surfboards, buy, discuss, see and know everything that has to do with surfboards. Beyond work centre for Mica Surfboards labour and art, The Surfboard Shop is always open for other shapers and creators, fulfilling one of the greatest goals of Mica Surfboards: Evolution and endless challenge. The Surfboard Shop is a place full of connections, information sharing, knowledge and permanent challenge for the development of high quality surfboards.

The Surfboard Shop is your destination for surfboard ding repair services in Ericeira, Portugal. Years of experience equip our team with special know-how to master any kind of surfboard ding repair, whether it is a little hole or a broken surfboard. Extra services such as pick ups and deliveries in the region of Ericeira as well as quick 24h and 48h services bring a damaged surfboard quickly back into the waves.

Every surfboard and every person is unique – that is why surfboard equipment has to be chosen carefully and even better with a trustful and experienced advice. Therefore The Surfboard Shop offers a range of specially tested surfboard equipment of carefully selected brands such as FCS, Futures, Ocean and Earth, Komunity, JAM, Modom and Ding It. If surfboard leash, surfboard deck, surfboard fins, surfboard cover or clothing, our clients can enjoy special surfboard equipment discounts.

“Together we will equip you with the best surfboard equipment and tips and tricks around surfboards and surfing in Ericeira!”



The shaper uses tools like a planer, sandpaper and screens to take down the foam to its final form by smoothing out the edges and defining the outline as well as ensuring the evenness of the rails.



The lamination of a surfboard combines both resin and fiberglass cloth to seal the foam and create strength. The surfboards are laminated with four- or six-ounce thick fiberglass cloth using laminating resin (polyester resin without the addition of wax solution). First, the cloth is cut to size and laid over the foam. Then, resin is applied with a squeegee to evenly distribute and saturate the resin in the cloth.



The sanding process starts with a final coat of resin mixed with sanding solution, which enables sanding. The surfboard is then sanded to remove all rough edges that are left behind by the fiberglass process until the board has a smooth and regular surface. One step is missing until the surfboard can go into the water: It has to cure up to two weeks to gain full resistence. Therefor the board should be positioned on a leveled surface at a uniform temperature.