Filipe Jervis

Filipe Jervis

Cascais, Portugal

Best Maneuvers: Aerial and tube

Best Waves: Pedra Branca, L-Point, Coxos, Supertubos

Quiver:  5´10 Todo Terreno, 6´0 Todo Terreno

"I surf because it makes all problems disappear and you realize that what really matters is you and the ocean.”

With a radical, fast and at the same time relaxed style of surfing Filipe Jervis is one of the biggest talents of Portugal’s new generation of super surfers. If you believe it or not, even though Filipe got European Pro Junior Vice Champion, third at European Pro Juniors and fifth at National Pro Juniors among others, he is no fan of competitions. Instead he loves to travel in the search for the best waves around the world. As a free surfer he is basically living the dream of every one who really loves surfing.

Still, he will participate at the Portuguese national championships to sharpen his surfing. We say, Filipe does not have to win any contest to proof himself, to us he is a champion already. Mica knows Filipe since he was a super polite grom surfer at the age of twelve. He followed Filipes development ever since and therefor truly understands his surfing, what brings the best requirements to build the perfect surfboard.

Filipe sees surfing as a mean to increase life quality and happiness. Therefore he developed the charity event “Surfar com um sorriso” to introduce surfing to children with cancer diagnosis and their parents. The true spirit of a free surfer is marking Filipes life in all its facets, he shares surfing to discover the world and its waves.