Belmiro Mendes

Belmiro Mendes

Madeira, Portugal


Best Maneuver: Cutback, Air and Tube


Best Wave: Ponta Pequena, Madeira


Quiver: 5´10´´ Belmiro Model, 6´2´´ Belmiro Model, 7´6´´ Big Game, 8´0´´ Big Game


"I surf because I have a tremendous passion for the ocean."

Shorty after surfing arrived to the small and beautiful Madeira Island in the Atlantic Ocean, Belmiro was one of the first locals on a surfboard. After watching a group of foreigners surfing in Jardim do Mar, Belmiro’s home village, local groms started to get involved with surfing. Because surfing was not known on the island yet, Belmiro and his friends didn’t had the opportunity to buy surfboards. Thanks to the visiting foreigners that gave their boards to the locals, Belmiro’s brother was one of the first enjoying the experience of surfing. After admiring Manuel’s attempts, his younger brother Belmiro started to surf at the age of 14. His first surfboard was given to Belmiro by a Swiss surfer, who knew about the lack of surfing gear and brought it on his second trip to Jardim do Mar.

“I always had a passion for the ocean. That’s a family heritage.” The feeling of total freedom, variety of conditions and the search for the perfect day are giving Belmiro the motivation he needs to jump into the heavy waters of Madeira. “Surfing is what I am. The opportunities it gave made me what I am today.”

Belmiro sees himself as a freesurfer. Competitions are not his favourite dish, although he won the local regional championship.