Wellington Magalhaes

Wellington Magalhaes

Estoril, Portugal

Best Maneuver: Aerials

Best Wave: Coxos

Quiver: Quiver: 5´3 Peter´s Relaunch, 5´9 X Project

"I surf because I love innovating new radical maneuver.”

Flying high is part of Wellington aka Air Gringo ever since. Even though aerials were not really developed nor executed when he was a junior surfer back in Brazil, Wellington found his passion in it. He studied Californian surfing movies – at this time the hot spot of flying surfing – to get ideas for his pioneering air skills. He merged these impressions with his own creative ideas and executed impressively long before the Brazilian judges knew that aerials, as the standard repertoire of every pro surfer, would score high one day.

Developing his own surfing is not the only purpose of these studies. Wellington sees a bigger picture: He wants to evolve the surfing sport in general by creating new maneuvers for a new generation of surfers. His goal is to provide what he was missing when he was a junior. His innovative spirit pays off, pro surfers in the World Surfing League like Filipe Toledo find inspiration and learn with Wellingtons radical surf. “I am proud to know that I made the difference by helping our future surfers and even more that some of them became world champions already”.

Wellington is constantly improving his aerials, tubes and maneuvers not just in the waves but also in the skate pool. “Skating makes the big difference in aerials and I am training hard to be the third person in the world to land a kickflip with a surfboard.”